UFC Betting with Bitcoin: Your Comprehensive 2023 Guide

UFC Betting with Bitcoin: Your Comprehensive 2023 Guide

Updated: March 3, 2023

The roar of the crowd, the flash of a camera, and the thwump of an incredibly painful strike.

UFC isn’t for everyone. But if you’re as fascintated by this sport as we are, you’re in the right place. Even better if you’re on the lookout for BTC casinos where you can enjoy UFC betting with Bitcoin.

Today, you’ll find no shortage of sportsbooks offering competitive odds for crypto UFC betting.

But, finding the best of them is a bout in itself, so we’re here to help you. By the end of this guide, we’ll make sure you know:

Where to find the best bookies for UFC betting with Bitcoin

How to bet on UFC with crypto

How UFC works, and the different types of bets you can place

The best tips to optimize your chances of winning

Are you ready to rumble? IT’S TIME! (How’s our Bruce Buffer impression?)

Can’t wait to start betting on the next big bout? No worries. We’ve already singled out the 3 best sites for UFC betting with Bitcoin. So, without futher ado:

Decided to stick around? Great, because there’s so much more to learn about UFC and our top sites where you can bet on it. How did we choose these three sites over their countless competitors? Well for starters, they all have:

Competitive odds on both big and small UFC events

Enticing and generous bonuses

Intuitive sportsbooks

Let’s start with our favorite pick:


BC.Game is our top choice for the best UFC crypto betting site. As a sportsbook, it caters to a massive range of altcoins, so you needn’t stick with Bitcoin if you don’t want to. BC.Game’s on-site exchange makes it easier than ever for you to faciliate that change.

When it comes to UFC betting, BC.Game shines bright with a plethora of markets and odds on just about every UFC event you can imagine. You can bet on:


Will the Fight Go the Distance?

Method of Victory

Number of Rounds

And many more markets!

BC.Game UFC Crypto Betting

BC.Game also lets you choose your preferred odds format. We like American Odds, and it was easier than ever to apply this setting. We also found the sportsbook’s Quick Bet feature incredibly handy.

BC.Game Quick Bet

But our favorite thing of all? BC.Game’s juicy welcome bonus.

You can find out nitty-gritties in our dedicated review, but all you need to know for now is that you’re eligible to receive a total deposit match up to 1260% over your first four deposits.

Like what you see? We thought you would. Sign up and get BC.Game in your corner:


Stake Casino UFC Betting

Stake is a UFC betting powerhouse of note. In fact, the casino is an official UFC partner and has sponsorship deals with a bunch of big-wig fighters like:

Alexa Grasso

Israel Adesanya

Jailton Almeida

Glover Teixeira

What does this mean for you? Well, for starters, special odds and more ways to engage with UFC. For example, at the time of writing, Stake offered an exclusive Alexa Grasso Championship Double Winnings bonus.

Some other perks Stake has to offer when it comes to their partners:

Exclusive interviews

VIP experiences

Exclusive merchandise

That’s enough to get any die-hard fan revved up! We’re excited too, so we can’t wait to see what the rest of 2023 holds for Stake’s favorite fighters.

Stake UFC Betting OddsStake’s odds for the March 5 UFC 285: Jones vs. Gane Pay-Per-View.

Now, on to the important stuff – bonuses. Stake is famous for their wholesome offering of sports-specific bonuses, and their UFC selection is no exception. Here are some of the promos up for grabs for UFC crypto betting:

Stake Split Decision Insurance: Wager on a Winner market for any UFC match and win your stake back if your selection loses by split decision.

Early Knockout Double Winnings: Stake regularly offers double winnings for early knockouts on specific bouts. Here, you can back either fighter in the Winner Market. If they win by TKO (technical knockout) or KO (knockout) in the first 2 rounds, you’ll receive double winnings up to $100 (or BTC equivalent).

So, with all Stake does so well UFC-wise, why didn’t we rank them as number 1? Unfortunately, the casino isn’t without its cons:

❌ Stake doesn’t have a welcome bonus, which is quite a drawback in our books.

Undeterred? Don’t let us slow your roll! Sign up and enjoy great odds on thrilling bouts here:


Coming in hot in third place, this underdog still has a lot to offer! Cloudbet doesn’t have as many betting markets as BC.Game and Stake, but it does have appealing odds and an intuitive interface.

And, unlike Stake, Cloudbet has a welcome bonus comprising a 100% deposit match up to 5 BTC. There’s no disputing that this could come in handy during your crypto betting UFC journey.

Oh, and our favorite thing about Cloudbet?

Their Zero Margin Sports Bets bonus, where the first 1000 customers receive zero margins when they bet on the winner of any UFC bout.

Cloudbet UFC Betting

Like the sound of zero margin odds? We don’t blame you. Claim them here:

You’ll find a whole lot of different bets you can place at any one of our top crypto UFC betting sites. If you’ve wagered on UFC before, you’ll be familiar with most of them. If not, no worries, we’re here for the newbies too.

Take a look at some of the most popular bets you can make on any UFC bout:

👊🏽 Head to Head

Also known as the Winner market, this is the most basic UFC bitcoin bet out there. Here, you’ll bet on the winner of the fight. Keep in mind that most UFC bouts result in a win. Only around 1.5% of fights end in a draw or no contest (where neither opponents win).

👊🏽 Method of Victory

Another popular bet, the Method of Victory wager entails players betting on who they think the winner will be, and how they will win. For example, through a decision, submission, TKO, or KO.

👊🏽 Total Rounds

Here, you’ll need to predict whether the fight will last less or more than (over or under) a specific amount of time. Let’s say the line at your chosen sportsbook is set at 1.5 rounds. You’ll need to predict whether the fight will conclude in the first round, or continue into the following round.

👊🏽 Double Chance

If you liked the sound of the Method of Victory bet, you’ll be happy to know that this one’s pretty similar. However, in this bet, you’ll predict the winner and have two chances at guessing the method. This is a safer bet, but know that the payout won’t be as good as a successful outright Method of Victory bet.

👊🏽 Will the Fight Go The Distance?

A bet on whether the fight will result in a decision or an early finish. Whether the finish is by KO or submission is irrelevant.

👊🏽 Live UFC Betting

Probably the most exciting type of UFC crypto bet, live betting is undeniably useful. While research and background knowledge is invaluable for the previous bets, sometimes a fighter’s mentality and physical condition can only be seen once the ref calls ‘fight’. However, note that live bets can usually only be made on Head to Head markets, and the odds will fluctuate constantly as the fight progresses.

New to betting and UFC? You’re in for a load of fun. UFC isn’t as straightforward as other sports, where there’s often one right or wrong way to pull off a winning move.

This makes it even more thrilling!

When you really look at it, UFC comprises a group of talented fighters, each with their own MMA specialties, fighting tooth and nail for victory. And, all of them have something to prove. This makes for great television, and even better gambling.

UFC Fight GloverUFC Light Heavyweight legend, Glover Teixeira, taking down his opponent.

Hyped up? We are. Let’s take an even closer look at what you need to know about UFC before you start hedging bets:

The Organization

Don’t be fooled into thinking that UFC is a synonym for MMA (Mixed Martial Arts), it’s not. The UFC – Ultimate Fighting Championship – is an organization that promotes and negotiates MMA fights. It was established in 1993, and its headquarters can be found in Las Vegas. However, note that UFC bouts take place in octagons all over the world.

The UFC holds both ‘regular’ Fight Nights and Pay-Per-Views. The latter is usually reserved for championship bouts and more prominent fighters.

The Octagon

The octagon is the iconic ‘cage’ with an octagonal structure comprising walls of metal chain-link fence. This is where fighters face one another, and the referee paces around ready to protect them. Usually, you’ll find octagons perched atop platforms no less than 1 meter from the ground.

The UFC OctagonThe UFC Octagon, in all its glory.

Interestingly, although the octagon inherited ‘blue’ and ‘red’ corners from boxing, the UFC recently announced a re-branding initiative. Now, the corners are known as PRIME Hydration Recovery Zones, as part of a partnership with Logan Paul and KSI’s drink product, Prime.

The Fighters

Two fighters from the same weight division go head to head in close combat. Weight divisions? It wouldn’t make much sense to put a heavy, tall fighter with a short, light fighter in the octagon and expect a fair fight. To ensure fairness, the UFC separates fighters into categories based on their weight:

Weight DivisionMaximum WeightStrawweight52.2 KgFlyweight56.7 KgBantamweight61.2 KgFeatherweight65.8 KgLightweight70.3 KgWelterweight74.8 KgMiddleweight83.9 KgLight heavyweight93.0 KgHeavyweight120.2 Kg

Fighters must weigh in before their designated bouts, and if they’re not within the limits for their weight class – even slightly – they’re barred from fighting.

The Fight

UFC fights can last 3 rounds (non-championship fights) or 5 rounds (main event and championship fights). A round is 5 minutes long and is preceded by a 1-minute break before the next round commences. So, 5-round fights have a duration of 29 minutes, while 3-round bouts last 17 minutes.

There’s no telling whether a fight will last all 5 or 3 rounds, but you can bet on exactly that with the Will the Fight Go The Distance? market, if you’d like. Regardless, a fight will end with one of the following results:


When one fighter loses consciousness (or goes limp) after one or more legal strikes.

Technical Knockout / Submission

A discontinuation declared by the ref when they decide that a fighter can’t safely continue the bout for any reason. This can occur standing or on the ground while in a submission hold. The affected player loses the bout.

No Contest

When an accidental illegal strike causes a fighter to be unable to continue the bout. In this case, neither opponents will win.


If the fight lasts all 3 or 5 rounds, the opinions of the three judges resident judges will come into play. And, there are a few different decisions that can be made:

Unanimous decision: When all three judges agree on the winner for the bout.

Majority decision: When two judges score one fighter as the winner, and the third decides it’s a draw.

Split decision: When two judges score one fighter as the winner, and the third scores the other fighter as the winner.

What’s all this about scores?

UFC judges have a dedicated ten-point system they use to determine the winner of a bout. During each round, all three judges score seperately, awarding 10 points to the round winner and 9 or less to the loser (depending on how dominant the winner was in that particular round).

Sometimes, a round can also result in 10-10, but this is very rare. Points can be deducted in the case of rule-breaking.


As chaotic as the octagon may appear, there are, in fact, several rules that fighters must adhere to. Fighters are not allowed to:

🚫 Pull hair

🚫 Claw or pinch

🚫 Place fingers into any body cavity

🚫 Bite or spit

🚫 Kick or knee-strike grounded opponents

🚫 Excessively avoid contact

And this is just to name a few! From the outside, UFC can look quite brutal, but there are stringent rules and regulations in place to keep fighters as safe as possible.

However, we can’t think of anything less safe than being on the receiving end of one of Jon Jones’ flying knees, for example. But that’s just us.

Now that you’re clued up on pretty much everything there is to know about UFC, you’re ready to learn just how to bet on this sport. The good news is that it’s incredibly easy!

Still have your doubts? No problem, our step-by-step guide should hit the spot:

Set up a Bitcoin wallet: You’re going to need somewhere to store your tokens. No need to shop around for the top options, as we’ve compiled a list of the best BTC wallets already. FYI: we’ve also got you covered with the most popular DOGE wallets, as well.

Buy BTC tokens: Purchase Bitcoin, or any other altcoin, on a reliable exchange like Binance or Coinbase. From there, you can send tokens directly to your wallet.

Choose a UFC crypto betting site: You’re not short on options! BC.Game is your best bet, with Stake and Cloudbet following close behind. Once you’ve signed up, select your preferred crypto and you’ll receive a unique address to send your tokens to. Do so!

Place a bet: Now that you’ve got some money in your casino account, you’re ready to wager! Bet on your prefered market, and if luck’s on your side, you’ll come out on top.

We hope we’re not breaking your heart when we say there’s nothing you can do to guarantee a winning bet in UFC.

Circumstances can change in an instant, and sudden injuries are rife in UFC.

Remember the highly anticipated McGregor v. Poirier bout back in 2021? Anyone who watched it live will shudder at the memory of McGregor’s terrible leg injury in the very first round. The worst part (for him and his fans, at least) was that McGregor was the favorite, and would likely have won in any other case.

What’s the lesson to be learned here? Don’t get comfortable.

Some other tips to keep in mind:

Don’t bet on your favorite just because you’re a fan! Follow trends and listen to experts’ advice.

Make sure to do your research before placing any bets.

Live betting is fun, but remember you’ll be limited when it comes to available markets.

Make use of UFC-specific bonuses wherever possible to minimize losses.

There you have it, your complete guide to UFC betting with Bitcoin. If you stuck around this long, you can officially call yourself a budding UFC afficianado. You’re ready to place your first bet. And, with the 2023 lineup as thrilling as it is, you’re in for an exciting adventure.

As more UFC crypto betting sites pop up, we’ll be sure to reassess our list and update it accordingly. But for now, you’ll find the best odds and markets at:

Author: Benjamin Barnes